Stuff For Sale

We are in the process of decluttering our home and sometimes I see things that we need to get rid of but I believe, will be useful to someone else.  I’ll be posting some items here and if you’re interested in one or some of them, drop me a line. P.S. Just click on the title so you can see photos of the items. 🙂

1. Baby Shape Sorter educational toy

Sold as a set. Great for toddlers and SPED kids. Could be put together to make a single unit. Colorful, fun and educational. Easy to clean.

Benefits of shape sorter toys:

1. Shape sorter toys help the kids learn the difference between different shapes. You can further make the kids learn the name of the shapes as well, such as round, oval, square, etc.
2. Kids make use of their problem-solving skills in sorting out the shapes and thus develop them further.
3. The pieces and holes of the shape sorter toys may be in different colors, thus helping the kids learn the colors and their names too
4. Shape sorter toys teach the kids the concept of cause and effect, i.e., putting a piece in its right hole will have the effect of making it fit.
5. The toys teach the kids about object permanence i.e. a piece that falls in a hole is not lost, but is there below the board.
6. The animal shape sorter toy provides multiple levels of learning and stimulation and entertains baby for hours.

Item is in excellent condition. Toy used only for a couple of months. All pieces are complete, easy to clean.

Selling price: P220 only.

2. Pooh and Piglet stuffed toy

Purchased in Japan. Sega prize. Both stuffed toys are attached to each other. Approximately 11 inches high. In excellent condition.

Previous price: P990.00
Selling price: P700.00 only

3. Linking Blocks educational toy

Great for toddlers, preschoolers and SPED kids. Colorful, fun and educational. Easy to clean.

Toy blocks help children to develop:

1. motor skills and hand-eye coordination
2. spatial skills
3. a capacity for creative, divergent thinking
4. social skills and
5. language skills

For SPED kids, play therapy is very beneficial. Play is essential for children to develop physically, emotionally and socially. Play Therapy, in any setting, has numerous benefits:
It provides a safe space for emotional expression
Children learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in constructive ways
It fosters decision-making and acceptance of responsibility
It facilitates the development of problem-solving, coping skills and resilience
It helps children to explore and practise social skills
It helps children to make friends and learn about their ever expanding world
It allows children to learn from mistakes safely
It encourages confidence and concentration
It fosters imagination and creativity
It supports emotional healing and growth

Approximately 80 pcs. (not written on packaging on number of pieces)

Selling price: P300 only.

4. A Day at The Zoo puzzle book

Very creative book for kids above 3 years. Could be carried along using handle. With 5 puzzles. Manufactured by The Book Company Publishing Pty Limited, Sydney Australia. The book is approximately 9 x 11 inches. No tears or scribbles. Used only a few times so we are selling it. In great condition.

Selling price: P140 only

5. Animal Popposites Pop-up Book by Matthew Reinhart

Very creative way of teaching kids opposite words. Pop-up designs are very intricate and interesting. Lift-the-flap pages to show pop-up pictures. Book is approximately 7 x 7.5 inches. No tears, no scribbles, no damage. In excellent condition.

Original price: US$13.95 (approximately P616)
Selling price: P300 only

6. Tummy Activity Playmat

Mother Hen brand. Playmat has a diameter of 35 inches. For tummy activities for babies who could lie on their tummies and support themselves. Colorful fabric to stimulate baby. With various textures and sounds.

1. glittery flowers that make a crinkling sound
2. textured/hairy grass with pockets to insert surprises for baby
3. felt grasses with pockets
4. microfiber spots on the cow
5. rattle in cow’s tail
6. wool cloud
7. mirror sun
8. plush cow face

In excellent condition.

Reason for selling: My youngest is already 3 years old and has outgrown the playmat.

Selling price: P480 only.

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