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In Other Matters…

Sad to say I will not be attending this year’s Homeschool Conference. I know there will be a lot of interesting topics, and I know it will be fun fun fun but sadly, I just can’t make it. I am however, looking forward to the Homeschool Fair (which I hope will happen annually now) and hopefully meet other homeschooling families there. Anyway, for those attending, enjoy and have fun!


It has been raining lately and although the weather is really cool (in other words, sarap!) I don’t want my boys to get sick so I’m always asking them to either wear pajamas or close their windows or keep warm.  I want them to learn how to be responsible for their health because it’s hard when they’re sick.  They also know that if they’re sick, they don’t get to do a lot of their favorite activities so they know better.  They also remember to take their vitamins everyday which makes me happy.  Now, if they will only eat vegetables, I’d be more than happy! 🙂


I just want to show you the costume we made out of paper. Yes, you heard that right, paper. Since it was Buwan ng Wika last month, we tried to make a costume out of magazine paper to test our creativity and well, just to have some messy fun.  And this is what we ended up with:

nik isn’t that an absolutely cool Igorot costume? We were supposed to make another for Ethan as well but we’re not done with it yet. It’s quite tricky because we used bottlecaps to cover the whole costume. Yes, bottlecaps! Sooo fun! Anyway, once we’re done with it will surely post it. 😀

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It’s September!

Wow! It’s September! How do I know? Because there are Christmas decors sold in malls and shops now and Christmas songs are played over the radio. Really!  I’m both excited and panic-stricken because 1. we have a LOT of homeschooling to do still, 2. I have to start buying Christmas presents (I hate buying presents late), 3. Nikki’s birthday is in a couple of months and we have to plan plan plan, and 4. Ruther and I have some reviewing to do (will reveal details later).  Aaaaahhhh!  So many things to do and so little time!! Time, please stop!


Been doing some spring cleaning as well. Have a ton of stuff to get rid of and we’re sorting them out so we’ll know to whom we’re giving which. We have books and clothes and toys and trinkets and whatnots. Will post some of the items here in case some of you are interested in getting them. Absolutely free.  Just have to come to my house to get them. 🙂  Just check future posts, okay?


How was your Buwan ng Wika? We did as much activities as we could. We still aren’t done with our Manuel L. Quezon poster but that’s coming along nicely. Will post photos once we’re gone with that.  We were also able to make an Igorot costume from paper! Yes, a costume completely made from paper. Really cute!  My mom saw it and said it looked authentic.  We just used magazine paper, cut them into strips and then made the costume. That easy! Really fun and really cool to make. Next year we’ll surely make another DIY Buwan ng Wika costume. 🙂


Looking forward to the Book Fair!! Absolutely excited! Can’t wait! 😀

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Disney’s Planes: Fire and Rescue


We watched this movie yesterday, me and the boys.  It was truly a kid movie.  Very Disney I might add.  A tad disappointing for me but as long as the boys were entertained and had fun, that was all that mattered.  Anyway, the story still revolves around Dusty and in this film, his character experiences a crisis and he had to deal with it.  There were very minimal laughs (not as much as let’s say, Wreck-It Ralph), a touch of romance and action scenes that involved putting out fires.  It was a good movie in that it taught kids many things, mainly:

1. We should take care of nature because even if it’s not directly our fault (like when lightning starts forest fires), we still lose a lot when forests are damaged.

2. When we are experiencing a crisis, big or small, we should be brave, face it headlong and ask help when necessary.

3. Family and friends (true ones) will always have your back.

4. Just because you are trying something new doesn’t mean you will fail at it.

5. Sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone can give you a different perspective in life. Who knows, you might enjoy it. 🙂

So, if you want a spectacular movie that moves mountains, don’t watch this.  But if you want to bond with your kids over a cartoon, then this will do.  I give it a 3/5 rating just because I can. 🙂

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Some Activites We Do

We do some pretty random things at home.  We just always make it a point to have fun activities.  We are starting to introduce Enzo to writing so we got him this Kindergarten Activities book and he seemed to like it. He can now read color names (which took me by surprise, let me tell ya) and he has a lunchbox with his own crayons and safety scissors.  I love it when he would suddenly tell me, “Mommy, I want to study!”  Music to my ears. 🙂


We like to do recycled crafts and activities.  I think it’s good to teach the boys to be conscious of their carbon footprint and how everyone’s purchases and lifestyle affect the world (whether they want to or not). So we segregate our trash, try our best to follow the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) and think twice before making unnecessary purchases.


The good thing about having more than one child is that they can pretend play with others.  I got this kitchen play set for Enzo as an early birthday present and he loved it!  He and Ethan would cook and make pizza and just be imaginative.  Some may say “Kitchen play set for boys?!” Well, why not?  Chefs can be males or females.


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35th Manila International Book Fair


Happening next month! I’m sooo excited!  If you did not know yet, books are my weakness.  When I was in college, I used to buy whatever caught my fancy.  Now, I’m more discerning but i still love books.  Not e-books, not Kindle… I would very much prefer holding a book, inhaling the scent of paper and flipping pages.

Anyway, this event is happening on September 17-21, 2014 at SM MOA.  Last time we went, the boys were with us and I had difficulty going around and checking books out.  So next month, I’m planning on going alone during a weekday when it’s less crowded and I would have ample time to check every stall and every book.  Hopefully, I will get really great books for me and the boys. 🙂


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Science Experiment: Rock/Sugar Crystals

We did this experiment a month ago.  It’s quite easy to do.  Anyway, you can find so many websites on making rock candy or sugar crystals.  Just take your pick.  Remember though that true to science, experiments are always a trial and error thing.  So, if it doesn’t work the first time, don’t be discouraged.  Talk to your kids about what might have gone wrong then try it again. You may get better results the second time. 🙂

Anyway, for our experiment, this is what we did.  First, we mixed some white sugar with very hot (adult supervision needed!) water and stirred until all sugar crystals were dissolved.  Then, we divided the solution into 3 parts and put them in glass jars.  We then put different colored dyes (we used food dyes) to make the crystals colorful.  After that, we put barbeque sticks into the solution and secured them with clothespins (you can see this in the photos).  Then, we left them on the shelf.  The instructions we got said that we should leave them for a few days but we didn’t notice any crystals formed at this time so we decided to leave them for 2 weeks and voila! we got crystals!  And they were beautiful!

Some problems we encountered during the experiment were: 1. the sugar crystals did not stick to our bbq sticks (I suppose we should have roughened the sticks more so the crystals would adhere to them but it was no biggie) and 2. we should have added more food dye to the solution so the crystals would have been more colorful.

Other than these very minor problems, our experiment was I should say, a success.  The boys were fascinated with the crystals and we looked at them close up.  We tried the sugar crystals too.  Not bad.  Maybe next time we’ll add some mint flavor. 🙂

See the boys in action:


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How I Made Nikki’s Buwan ng Wika Costume


Many people have been PMing me about Nikki’s Linggo ng Wika costume.  It’s the one I made for him last 2012. Here’s what it looked like on him:


And this is what it looked like without a model:


Okay, what I basically did was to make a base or support for the costume.  I used cardboard from a carton (box) and made the chestplate, and 2 rectangles for the bottom.  Then, using white glue, I decoupaged it with newspapers.  I did 2 layers but 1 layer would suffice.  For the headdress, I used a Zesto box which I trimmed because it looked too tall.  A friend gave me the coconut fibers and the leaves and I bought a walis ting-ting to add some details to the headdress.  We had red spray paint at home so I spray painted the decoupaged base.  Didn’t have to do a thick coat because I wanted the newspaper print to be visible just so the judges would KNOW that it was made from paper. After that, I added the gold border on the bahag and spray painted some of the leaves.  When everything was dry, I hot glued the coconut fibers and stapled them on the base. I just decorated as I saw fit.  I’m sure you can find coconut fibers in your neighborhood or somewhere close by.  

Anyway, for the headdress, I cut those rectangles on top and folded them.  Then I painted them dark brown.  Using those gold pins (bought those at National Bookstore) I used those to pin them down.  The gold added a lot of flair don’t you say?  The headdress was pretty heavy, according to Nikki. But it was snug he said and even if he shook his head, it wouldn’t come off.

For the bahag, I folded the top parts and secured them with staples so I could insert a belt through it.  Then Nikki wore black shorts inside. I decided (at the last minute) to make those calf coverings.  I think it completed the look.

For the shield, I did the same thing: decoupage the base, spray paint, then glued/stapled the leaves and coconut fabric. I made the staff from a metal curtain rod that we no longer needed.

Well, there you go. Our DIY Linggo/Buwan ng Wika costume.

P.S. Nikki, won second place for this costume and we all felt it was totally unfair because the winners only had feathers on their costumes and there was no creativity involved. Really. NO sourgraping here.  But Nikki was just as happy with his second place.  After Nikki wore it, I didn’t want to throw the costume away so I decided to sell it and a family from Cavite bought it.  I was delighted when the mom texted me and told me that her son won first place for the costume I made!! So I was proud and happy. 🙂

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Museo Pambata Revisited

We visited Museo Pambata last August 7 and we had loads of fun!  No kids around, place all to ourselves, fair day… it was quite enjoyable.  We were just a bit disappointed when the exhibit My Body Works was closed.  Anyway, here’s the link to Museo Pambata and here are some of our photos.. 🙂


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