Posted by: katlea611 | September 25, 2014

Ethan and Watercoloring

Ethan really loves to make art.  We’ve done art using crayons (A LOT!) so I thought, it was time to introduce him to watercolors.

Nikki still had his Prang watercolor that he used before and there were still a lot of colors left so we decided to use that. And we had many brushes as well, so we were set.  We don’t use canvass for our art because I think sketching paper or watercolor paper would do for the kind of art that we make (simple, artsy-crafty kinds).  Anyway, Ethan is just a be01ginner.

He has this book on watercoloring.  So, we decided to practice some brush strokes first.  Sometimes Ethan rushes things and can be impatient so I remind him all the time to just relax and if cannot finish it, there is always another day.

So Ethan did some practice strokes with several brushes and I thought that was a good intro.  I had to gently teach him how to properly hold the different brushes, how to move his arm when he makes the different strokes and to practice diluting watercolors as needed.  It’s not 02easy for Ethan the first time but I thought that as time goes on and he getsused to the process, he’ll eventually get the hang of it.

After practicing strokes, I thought, okay, it would be nice to begin with something simple.  So, we picked a coconut tree because it needed detailing but not at an advanced level.  It would be good practice for him to try the different strokes as he completed the picture.

I had to remind him again not to be impatient because most of the time we had to wait for the paper to dry a bit before adding more color and details.  He needed much instruction from me (how much colors to add, which brush to use, what strokes to apply, how to blend one color with another and how to dilute the watercolor.  But again, it’s all right.  Ethan is still a beginner and he’ll need help initially but afterwards I’m sure he’ll get the hang of it.

03Ethan still needs some practice with shading and strokes and blending but I think his art looks great!  What do you think?


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