Posted by: katlea611 | August 13, 2014

How I Made Nikki’s Buwan ng Wika Costume


Many people have been PMing me about Nikki’s Linggo ng Wika costume.  It’s the one I made for him last 2012. Here’s what it looked like on him:


And this is what it looked like without a model:


Okay, what I basically did was to make a base or support for the costume.  I used cardboard from a carton (box) and made the chestplate, and 2 rectangles for the bottom.  Then, using white glue, I decoupaged it with newspapers.  I did 2 layers but 1 layer would suffice.  For the headdress, I used a Zesto box which I trimmed because it looked too tall.  A friend gave me the coconut fibers and the leaves and I bought a walis ting-ting to add some details to the headdress.  We had red spray paint at home so I spray painted the decoupaged base.  Didn’t have to do a thick coat because I wanted the newspaper print to be visible just so the judges would KNOW that it was made from paper. After that, I added the gold border on the bahag and spray painted some of the leaves.  When everything was dry, I hot glued the coconut fibers and stapled them on the base. I just decorated as I saw fit.  I’m sure you can find coconut fibers in your neighborhood or somewhere close by.  

Anyway, for the headdress, I cut those rectangles on top and folded them.  Then I painted them dark brown.  Using those gold pins (bought those at National Bookstore) I used those to pin them down.  The gold added a lot of flair don’t you say?  The headdress was pretty heavy, according to Nikki. But it was snug he said and even if he shook his head, it wouldn’t come off.

For the bahag, I folded the top parts and secured them with staples so I could insert a belt through it.  Then Nikki wore black shorts inside. I decided (at the last minute) to make those calf coverings.  I think it completed the look.

For the shield, I did the same thing: decoupage the base, spray paint, then glued/stapled the leaves and coconut fabric. I made the staff from a metal curtain rod that we no longer needed.

Well, there you go. Our DIY Linggo/Buwan ng Wika costume.

P.S. Nikki, won second place for this costume and we all felt it was totally unfair because the winners only had feathers on their costumes and there was no creativity involved. Really. NO sourgraping here.  But Nikki was just as happy with his second place.  After Nikki wore it, I didn’t want to throw the costume away so I decided to sell it and a family from Cavite bought it.  I was delighted when the mom texted me and told me that her son won first place for the costume I made!! So I was proud and happy. 🙂

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