Posted by: katlea611 | July 25, 2014

Hello Again

I know it’s been weeks but after Ethan’s birthday, things just got crazy. People got sick, homeschooling got serious, time was not enough… I’m sure you get the idea. Well, to give you a quick summary, this is what happened:

1. My bother-in-law and his girlfriend are engaged and are planning their wedding for this year. I know that most couples like to prepare a year ahead but they want their wedding at the end of the year so we had to jumpstart the planning and it just took a lot of visits to churches, venues, expos, etc. Absolutely crazy but things are falling into place and I guess that’s something to be happy about.

2. happened. This site is just keeping the boys busy! They’ve been doing projects and earning patches and having fun. I’ve been documenting and photographing their projects and will post some of them here so check them out and if your kids are interested in earning patches, try it! It’s not only fun, but great bonding with your kids. 🙂

3. I had a birthday. Nuff said. 🙂

4. Typhoon Glenda happened. Even if we expected the storm, I did not think it would be that intense! The wind was a scary thing, howling and blustery. Good thing my boys were calm then. Anyway the storm only lasted for a morning but the devastation was terrible with trees uprooted and branches and leaves everywhere, signs blown away and houses losing their roofs. Then it as brownout so no electricity means no computer. But the boys kept themselves busy and I was happy they never said they were bored.

5. There was a death in the family. Hubby’s aunt, who lived with us, passed away in her sleep one morning so we had to attend to the wake and funeral services. She is now at peace and we are happy that she is with our Creator.

There you go. So many events in just a short month, no wonder I had my hands full! Hope you guys are all safe. More posts to follow!


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