Posted by: katlea611 | May 23, 2014

Summer activity #24

24. Milk a goat.

Milking a goat is actually fun!  Really! It took me only 2 tries and I managed to find the rhythm and it was great!  The goat (named Leona) was calm once I started milking so I wasn’t scared.  We did this activity at Paradizoo when my mom and dad came for a visit.  Nikki tried to do it but he was hesitant and couldn’t grip the teat properly.  But at least he tried and I was proud of him. Ethan and Enzo fed a cute baby goat with goat’s milk from a bottle.  We bought some pasteurized and cold goat milk after to try and my mom and I liked it.  Didn’t taste too different from cow’s milk. It was a wonderful experience. 🙂



  1. Cool!

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