Posted by: katlea611 | May 23, 2014

Summer Activity #23

23.  Look at bugs.

I guess if my kids were girls they wouldn’t like bugs as much.  But since I have boys, I can’t be squirmish.  I have to make it fun and interesting for them.  We’ve seen a lot of bugs and insects and snails and slugs and we never get fed up of studying them.  A magnifying glass changes your perspective a lot when viewing these tiny creatures.  It’s just amazing seeing nature up close.  Of course, the boys also have to learn about the fragility of insects and their purpose.  And naturally, after studying them, we always let them go.



  1. My oldest child is a girl and she’s not scared of bugs. In fact, when she sees one she’s the first to find the boys so they can all study the bug together…

    • it’s wonderful that she’s interested in insects. 🙂

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