Posted by: katlea611 | May 21, 2014

Summer activity #21

21. Harvest some fruits.

We have 2 mango trees in the front of our house and a guava tree.  We used to have a calamansi tree but it got infested with bugs so we had to chop it down.  So sad.  Anyway, we noticed that our mango trees and guava tree started sprouting fruits!  So, we spent an afternoon harvesting some.  My siblings and I used to do this when we were little.  My paternal grandparents had a coconut tree, mango tree and aratiles tree and we would either harvest the fruit ourselves (limited to only the lower branches of the aratiles tree) or ask someone to get the fruits for us.  It was fun to eat the fruits with my cousins.  I wanted my boys to experience that in a way, on a lazy summer afternoon.  And this is what we got:

Image Not bad, eh? 🙂


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