Posted by: katlea611 | May 20, 2014

Goodbye Summer?

I can’t believe May is ending soon! Wow!  So many things have happened this summer, it’s like it just flew by!  Anyway, 10 more summer activities to go and my list would be complete! Just in time.  😉


It’s been crazy HOT this summer.  Really! The heat is no joke!  We really don’t use the AC because we don’t want to get a high electricity bill at the end of the month but we couldn’t take the heat anymore so we’ve been using the AC for a few hours in the afternoons just so we wouldn’t overheat.  What we do is we all stay in my room and turn everything off in the other rooms so we’re still energy-conscious.  🙂  I just hope this heat won’t last til July!  That would be terrible!  For now, I guess we’ll have to resort to fruit smoothies, frequent baths, playtime in the inflatable pool and AC in the afternoons…


We are now slowly introducing Enzo to his potty.  He didn’t want to have anything to do with it but after he got a bad rash, we got him some cute briefs and I insisted (or persuaded) him to wear them and he did.  So now, he wears briefs at certain times during the day.  He did pee in his potty several times when he felt like it, but he still refuses to sit on it and asks to wear a diaper when he wants to poo.  I’m not worried or frustrated.  As always, I say, in their own time.  When he’s ready for it, I’m sure he’ll be pooping in the toilet too, just like his brothers did eventually. 🙂


It’s almost Ethan’s birthday! WHAAAAT?!  My boys are growing so fast! Waaaah!  Want them to stay babies forever!  

Anyway, there won’t be a party.  We’ll just be celebrating his birthday here at home again, on our own, in our own special way, just the way we like it.  Maybe we’ll bring the boys to Fun Ranch for some playtime fun and then afterwards, have cake and ice cream at home.  🙂  I have to start preparing for Ethan’s birthday.  It will be a Lego-themed party so it’s gonna be great! 😀

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