Posted by: katlea611 | May 12, 2014

Island Cove, Cavite

We visited Island Cove a week ago and it was fun!  I did a review of the place for a website and since I don’t want to rewrite the whole thing, I’ll just paste it here and edit some parts…


We visited Island Cove last Saturday, May 3. We had the voucher for Animal Island and Oceania and since it was our first time there, we didn’t mind that we were only going to 2 places out of many in the resort. We live in Las Pinas so Island Cove is conveniently near compared to other resorts. I read some of the reviews online and I was terrified of what I was going to see there but we did not want to waste our money so we thought it could simply be a family outing and we’ll just have to see for ourselves and stay positive.

Since the reviews said food was expensive in the resort, we ate brunch outside. We ate at Mang Inasal which was nearby.  It was traffic so we got to Island Cove at around 11 am. At the gate, we were given a ticket which was to be validated at Oceania. There were signs everywhere so we didn’t have to ask where to go. Animal Island and Oceania are located near each other so we parked somewhere close by. I had to give the vouchers at Oceania first and paid P100 for our table. Then the woman gave me a small receipt which I was to give to the person in charge at Animal Island. We decided to check Animal Island first and then swim after. We were the only people strolling around the place, which was to our liking because we didn’t like boisterous children and noisy adults while we were touring. We took our time looking at the butterflies, taking photos of the peacock and peahens which were roaming the grounds and checking out the birds in their cages. When we approached the ostrich pen, an attendant gave the boys bananas to feed the birds. That was a very nice surprise because 1. we didn’t pay for the bananas (which were a LOT!) and 2. the boys had fun feeding the ostriches. We saw the sheep, the goats, the wild boar, the potbellied pigs, the tigers, the horses and then we ended up at the crocs. Nikki held a croc and we took his photo (many actually) for P20 only! It was his first time to hold a croc and I was afraid he was going to drop it but didn’t and he liked the experience. We then checked the crocodile pens. They were clean and the crocodiles looked huge(!) and sleepy. We then took a shuttle to the entrance of Animal Island (it was just too hot to walk back to where we started) and then we walked back to Oceania. I knew early on that they don’t allow outside food and drinks in the resort but Ethan is such a picky eater and I didn’t want him to go hungry so I hid some of his snacks in the bag.  They did inspect our bags but on that day, not thoroughly so they didn’t find the snacks. We unfortunately couldn’t bring in our jug of water so we had to buy 2 bottles of water at P49(!) each. The good thing though is that Oceania is near the parking lot (maybe 30-50 yards from the nearest table) so you could always have a drink of water in your vehicle and run back in. 

We chose a table in a shady spot and no one needed to check our receipt for the table. The table and chairs were of the monoblock type but we didn’t mind because it was conveniently near the pool and we could keep an eye on our bags. The shower rooms were also near our table so I could see the boys go in and out without having to leave our spot which was a plus. When it was my turn to change I dreaded the shower rooms because of the reviews but they were clean. Wet, yes but that was to be expected and there was a woman there mopping the floor as people came and went. One review said there was no place to put stuff but the shower room I went to had a small seating area where you could put your clothes while showering. There was even a non-slip mat on the floor. The lock on my door was unfortunately broken so I just hung my towel on it to warn other people that that was occupied. As I went out, I took a photo of the toilet area as well. That area was dry and clean, although some of the doors needed a bit of repair. I don’t know the condition of the mens shower room but Ruther said it was basically the same.

When we hit the water, it was clean, did not taste of chlorine and was warm which was great for the boys and was to Ruther’s liking. The water was not deep and Nikki and Ethan could walk around without difficulty. The pool was not crowded and I was glad that there was no function or event because it would not have been as fun. There were 2 lifeguards within view and they were vigilant, blowing their whistles at anyone who seemed to be in harms way. Nikki tried the lowest slide in the middle of the pool (there were 4) and it didn’t seem dangerous because he was a fraidycat but he still tried it. He ended up with water in his ears but he said it was a fun slide. We did not explore the other side of the pool because it was too sunny there but stayed in our side which had trees and provided shade and we were okay with that. Some of the leaves fell into the water but there were attendants with nets who scooped them up from time to time. We also explored the Splash Pool which was like a wading pool with misters and fountains and spouts. It was a kids’ pool with the water at a foot deep only and the floor was spongy to prevent slipping but the water didn’t look too clean so the boys didn’t play there for a long time. 

Since we were getting hungry we ordered the nachos at Sangley Point for merienda. It cost P409 (good for 2-3 people) and yeah, a bit expensive but the serving was just right and the dips (beef chili, cheese and salsa) were yummy so we were satisfied. Ruther is a picky eater so if he likes something, it’s surely yummy. 🙂

We left Oceania around 4pm but before leaving the area took photos at the giant chess board. The boys wanted to play but there was a company teambuilding session and they were going to use the area. So we just took more photos then left.  

Before leaving Island Cove, we simply handed the guard at the gate the validated ticket and that was all. 

It was a fun day for us and we did enjoy our first time at Island Cove.  We might not yet consider staying the night because of all the negative reviews but for a day trip, we’re willing to go back for more family fun. 🙂

Photos to follow…





  1. So Island Cove is not that bad after all. I’m wondering, you ordered nachos from as far as Sangley Point in Cavite City? Or my geography is misleading me..

    • Oh, Sangley Point is a resto inside the resort. It’s right beside Oceania so I just walked over there, made the order and they delivered it to our table. Hope that clears things up. 😀

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