Posted by: katlea611 | April 14, 2014

Sunday Badminton

After years of inactivity, we finally got to play badminton again yesterday.  In my desperation to lose weight for a wedding at the end of this year, I was able to finally convince Ruther to play badminton.  Yay!  

We went to a nearby court and it was great that there were only a few players.  I hate crowded courts.  It’s just too noisy and bothersome and you always have to watch your stuff.  So yeah, yesterday was great!

We brought Ethan along for some one-on-one bonding and of course, Enzo came along too.  We warmed up first and I was surprised to see Ethan really have a go at it.  He wasn’t whiny and didn’t get frustrated when he couldn’t hit the shuttlecock or missed a shot.  He was very patient and determined.  I loved his attitude.  So I would give him tips here and there and he would be so happy when he would finally be able to hit the shuttlecock back and forth.  Since he seemed to enjoy it so much, I’m now thinking of making this his sport.  We’ll have to get him the proper shoes first (we’ll do that this Wednesday) since he was wearing his Converse when we played yesterday.  Sooo excited to be playing with my boy.  We’re thinking of playing again on Wednesday with some of Ruther’s friends since they’ll only be working half-day then.  Still making plans but if it does push through, we’ll definitely be bringing the boys.  

Am hoping that this is the sport for Ethan.  Keeping my fingers crossed…

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