Posted by: katlea611 | March 27, 2014

Watching the Pyrolympics

Sometimes, we like to simply go out as a family and spend time together.  Last Saturday, we watched the World Pyrolympics at SM Mall of Asia. We got our tickets through Metrodeal so instead of paying P1500, we only paid P600.  We did this before so we were excited about our gold tickets.  To our surprise, we were placed in the center of the venue, far from the bay! I was dismayed about this and was even more devastated to find out that if we were to upgrade to gold (by the bay), we’d have to pay an additional P100 per ticket! That would mean our total ticket cost would be P1100 which was only P400 less that the regular price for 5 gold tickets! Also, we surmised that by the time we upgraded our tickets, we would not have a good place to sit along the breakwater.  So we decided to simply upgrade to the Viber lounge.  At least we had chairs.

It was very disappointing because 1. they did not start on time, 2. they had too many in-between shows (fire-dancing that went on for 30+ minutes and a DJ mixing thing) and 3. the US fireworks show was just so-so (I had high expectations).  The closing performance of the Philippines was wonderful but it just ended so late that we decided to not watch the Pyrolympics next year but instead, just do another family activity instead.  Oh well.

Here are some photos:





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