Posted by: katlea611 | March 24, 2014

McDonald’s Kiddie Workshop 2014

Nikki is shy when he’s out of the house.  So I decided to register him with the kiddie workshop at McDonald’s this year.  I think the experience will be very good for him.  I told him about it last week and he panicked.  “What if I don’t know what to do? What if they talk to me in Tagalog? What if I’ll be the oldest one there?” were a few of his questions.  Of course, I reassured him.  I told him I will be with him and will be taking his photo and the staff will not leave nor judge him. 

So last Saturday, I paid P595 for the registration.  Nikki will be getting a cap, chef’s hat, a bag, ID with lanyard, a shirt and apron.  We got the first 5 items already.  The apron will be given during the first day of the workshop.  We picked the 1st week so he’d be done with it and so we could focus on other summer activities in the next months. But when we got to McDonald’s, the woman there said that Nikki would be alone during the first week so she encouraged us to pick the second week instead.  It seemed like a good idea so I agreed.  So instead of today, he will be a McDonald’s crew on the 29th.  So excited for him.

Ruther mentioned that Nikki might be too old for the workshop but I disagreed. I said that the workshop would seem like play for younger kids but for older ones, they will start to comprehend how a fast food business operates, how many people work in it, the responsibility of each employee, how they prepare the food and all those.  Yes, younger kids will also learn from the activity but as an older kid, Nikki will learn things from a different perspective. And also, I hope he has fun as well and not stress so much about the little things. 

Anyway, I can’t wait. If all goes well, I might consider letting Ethan have a go at it.

Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

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