Posted by: katlea611 | March 5, 2014

Our Lazy Days

We have -I like to call them- our lazy days.  When I feel like the boys have had too much worksheets, or when I observe that they are a bit bored with their lessons and routine, we have a day off.  It could be in the middle of the week, or when I’m particularly busy with something (like my online store, or chores), or when one of the boys isn’t feeling too good.  My rule during our lazy days is that no one has to and should feel guilty about it.

We just don’t like it when things get too boring around here. We like the variety and we like the occasional spontaneity.  I suppose, we’re not as rigid as other school-at-home families nor as relaxed as unschoolers.  We’re somewhere in between.  And that’s fine with us.

So what do we do during our lazy days? Anything we please.  I could be reading a book (something I could only do in the evenings when I’m about to sleep), the boys could watch one of their shows, Nikki would be on BrainPop, Ethan would be doodling in his notebook, Enzo would be watching on the computer or we could be doing a quick science experiment.  We could go for a stroll, tidy up our rooms, do a bit of cleaning here and there or just play boardgames.  It a free day for all and anything goes.

So as you can see, our lazy days aren’t exactly “lazy”.  We just do whatever we want and feel free doing them.  I suppose this is our way of unwinding and of putting a little color in our homeschool experience.  We just make it a point to have more homeschool days than lazy days though. This way, our lazy days will always be special. 🙂



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