Posted by: katlea611 | February 28, 2014

Melted Crayon Art

My boys have a lot of broken crayons.  They’re pretty much hard to use in coloring but is such a waste to throw away (living frugally, remember?).  I did use some of them for Nikki’s pirate party and made skull crayons.  They were cute and we included those in the lootbags.  But we still had a lot of broken crayons still.  So, what to do?

I researched and found this melted crayon art using a hairdryer. Ethan was game so we decided to do it.  And it turned out great! We loved how the colors mixed together and how the crayons started melting and dripping.  It turned out like this:


We did this a couple of years ago (Ethan looks so young in this pic).  I was concerned about the mess but some old newspapers helped with the problem and I was very careful in handling the hairdryer. 🙂

Since Ethan loves art and Nikki and I read about pointillism, we thought, why not do melted crayon art like a painting?  So they did.  We used a candle or alcohol lamp to melt each crayon end/tip.  If the crayon was too short to hold, we used a bbq stick to lengthen it.  This activity is not for kids with very short attention spans because this takes time to finish.  What we did though was to do part of the artwork one day and finish it another day.  The results are very creative as seen here:





A couple of the artworks they did were last years’ (island and sailboat).  We recently did the strawberry and rowboat.  I guess as long as we have broken crayons lying about, we’ll always do this sort of art.  Not only is it fun, it teaches my boys to be patient and to be creative with their colors (especially when then run out of the color they’re using).  They love it.

Well, there you go. Homeschool art using broken crayons. 😀

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