Posted by: katlea611 | February 27, 2014

How WE Homeschool On A Budget

We do our best to homeschool frugally.  We try to make the most of our homeschooling yes, but we can’t spend too much on things willy-nilly.  Some families may have the money to spend on hockey lessons, singing lessons, even scuba diving lessons.  We’re not like those families because we live on a single income.  And it’s tough.  But we manage.  We try to be as resourceful and as creative as we can with our lessons.  Of course, some things will always be lacking (like monthly out-of-town trips, expensive materials, etc.) but I think that homeschooling is deeper than that.  It’s the bond I share with my boys.  It’s the simultaneous joy of learning.  It’s discovering new things together.

As the boys got older we decided to enrol them with an accredited school.  I would have wanted to independently homeschool them still but my husband was worried about the future and his fears were reasonable.  So we enrolled them and I was quite happy because the tuition fee was manageable for our family, we could use our own materials and be flexible with our lessons still.  So it’s like we’re homeschooling independently but with back-up. 🙂  I know that many other homeschooling families opt to go to providers but I find some of their rates expensive. I mean, if you’ll be doing most of the teaching and they’ll only be supporting you (and rechecking your work and your kids’ work), why should you pay so much?  But that’s just my opinion.  And I’ve always said that families homeschool in different ways.  You just have to find the one that works for you.

I know the internet is full of tips on how to homeschool on a budget but in our home, this is how we do it:

1. We buy secondhand books.  For reading, Booksale is heaven-sent.  I get almost all of the boys’ books there and at affordable prices.  We now have a mini-library here at home and when the boys feel like reading, they just have to grab a book or two and just read away.  It’s wonderful.  (Would love to have nearby library where we could borrow books, but we don’t have one in Las Pinas.)

2. Free stuff from the internet.  With much research, we manage to find interesting sites, freebies and printables for lessons.  Some are quite good, others so-so.  But still, they are a huge help in our homeschool lessons.  The only downfall here is that it takes a lot of your time in researching really wonderful websites.

3. We make use of recyclables in our experiments, crafts and lessons.  Ninety-percent of the time, we usually have the things we need for crafts and experiments around the house.  So why buy? 🙂

4. We did not go for the expensive providers.  I know other families have their reasons for choosing providers but when I learned about their tuition, I was a tad dismayed.  I may not see it the way they do but I always believe that homeschooling should fit your budget and if homeschooling could be free, why not right?  We are currently pleased with the school we picked for the boys because of the freedom we have in homeschooling.

5. I know it’s not really advisable (for some) but we download documentaries and shows for the boys from the internet.  It’s just so much fun watching documentaries and shows that tickle the mind and even more fun when you do it as a family.  We had a great time watching Brain Games last month.  Nikki found the series interesting.

6. We search for promos for out-of-town trips as the boys’ “field trip”.  Last month, we went to Batangas for a 2-day trip.  We spent P2999 for the overnight stay (for a family of 5!). It was fun and the boys enjoyed it a lot.  Plus side is that the stay was inexpensive, the facilities were great and we had another family bonding experience.  Winner.

7. Freebies from friends and family.  My sister sends the boys so many things from Canada (craft kits, baking kits, books, costumes, etc.) and we incorporate them in our lessons.  Baking is fun for Nikki and with the baking kits my sister sends, I don’t have to spend a lot for ingredients, except for eggs and butter.  Freebies are great!

Like I said, there are many tips out there on how to homeschool frugally but in our home, this is how we do it.  How do you homeschool on a budget?  Maybe your tips could help me. 🙂


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