Posted by: katlea611 | February 21, 2014

I’m Back

Oh my gosh.

I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR since I’ve last posted here!! My last post was Feb 22, 2013 and today is Feb 21, 2014!! Has it been that long?  Truly sorry for that.  Life has been overwhelming and I just couldn’t find the time to breathe so I guess I just stopped blogging.  Which is no excuse.  Frankly, I’ve missed it.  A lot.  I hope that I would blog about something AT LEAST once a week. I’m saying “I hope” because I don’t want to make any foolish promises again… Am just SO glad to be back, really…

Anyway, yes, life has been crazy. Been through so much last year. I have to say, 2013 is the second worst year of my life! Long story, don’t wanna bore you. Let’s just say I’m glad that year’s over! Onto the year of the horse!  Am hoping this will be loads better…

The boys have been doing okay… Still going slow and steady with our homeschooling… Started a support group on Facebook (Yay!) so Nikki could have regular friends.  Am hoping we could do an every-other-week session with homeschoolers in the Las Pinas/Paranaque area so that support is immediate.  I mean, I’m grateful for the online support but having other parents to talk to about homeschooling is just a whole different thing entirely.  It’s like you feel you no longer live in a bubble and you think “thank God I’m not the only one feeling this way!” Anyway, happy about the group, definitely.  Just hoping that other families would join in too… We’ll see…

Well, updates… Nikki is now in Grade 5, and Ethan in 2.  So far so good. We’re taking it a day at a time and as long as the boys are learning new things everyday, we’re happy… We’re just the type of homeschoolers who like it simple and uncomplicated and with a lot of free time to do whatever we want. 🙂  What could be so wrong about that?

Well, will blog again very soon.  Our homeschooling journey continues…

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