Posted by: katlea611 | January 31, 2013

Decorating a Pillowcase

From time to time, my boys enjoy doing projects. I do too, especially those that don’t take longer than 30 minutes to get done.

While fixing some drawers, I found a sheet of paper with Nickelodeon characters on it.  Upon checking it, I discovered they were iron-on designs for pillowcases (the iron-on paper was free from the Nickelodeon magazine).  I thought it would be a nice project for the boys.

So I searched for a plain pillowcase (the more cottony, the better) while Nikki cut the designs he wanted.  He decided to go with Spongebob and Patrick.  After he cut the designs, I proceeded to iron them on the pillowcase.

And here is the result:

case Not bad, right?  I know the designs are tiny but that’s how Nikki wanted his pillowcase to look.

I guess it’s not so bad for a 10-minute activity with free materials. 🙂


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