Posted by: katlea611 | January 9, 2013

Fresh Hope

I chanced upon this website as I was searching for advice on how to properly homeschool Ethan.  I found the article to be very informative and to be honest, it gave me fresh hope that I will be able to homeschool Ethan successfully. I know I might not have the means or resources now, but at least I have a guide.  Homeschooling one child with ASD is already overwhelming for me, I never thought about how families with more than one special child manage their time (or sanity!).  I think what I should do is focus on what Ethan needs to accomplish and learn at the end of the school year and to not obsess about every little thing.  I know it will be hard but I have to try to make it work.

Ethan is a visual learner.  I usually have to draw pictures in his textbooks to make him understand the lessons more.  It’s challenging, but when I think of how he would be able to understand the lessons in his own way, it makes things easier.  As recommended by the website, I think I will try Worksheet Works and EdHelper.  I hope to find as many free sites, resources and tools since we are a one-income family.  I don’t want to have to spend too much on resources only to find out later on that Ethan is not feasible to it.  I will try the other resources listed in the site.  Hopefully, it will work for us.  If not, we could always try something else.

I hope years from now, when Ethan is older and ready to go out into the world, I will be able to say with conviction that I successfully homeschooled my ASD son.

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