Posted by: katlea611 | September 21, 2012

Enzo is 2!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. It’s that time when I once more wonder where the time went, why my babies are growing so fast and will I continue to be a part of their lives years from now.

It’s a scary thing.

Well, Enzo is now 2. And I’ll say it again. I can’t believe it. It’s just so weird how time stops then fast forwards like it has the universal remote on your life. “I just gave birth to Enzo.” *whirr* *fast forward* “Enzo is now 2.” Really, I’m speechless.

Well, enough of my denial moment.

Yes, our little boy is TWO. I spent a good part of the day scrambling, I must say. But everything went well. This morning, Enzo and I went to SM Sucat to pick up his birthday cake. But before we did, we passed by the toddler section and I got to pick some nice clothes for him to add to his birthday presents. My mom texted me yesterday and asked me to get him P400 worth of clothes and my mother-in-law gave Enzo P500 before we left for SM with instructions on getting something for him and I thought, clothes would be fine. So anyway, I got him 2 shirts, a jumper, a cute pair of denim jeans and white shorts. Everything cost P840 so it was a really good buy. πŸ˜€

After getting him the clothes, we passed by Astrovision and I got him Baby Genius DVDs as well. He just loves the songs so I thought, why not add to his collection? I’m sure the DVDs will come in handy when I need Enzo to stay put for several minutes. Okay fine! I’m a bad Mommy and I use videos to babysit my baby but I don’t do it all the time so you shush! πŸ˜€

We headed to National Bookstore then to get the pirate mask for Nikki’s birthday and Enzo’s birthday balloons. Then we got a couple of pizzas and palabok to share at home and then we got the cake. Enzo was getting sleepy so we went home after that.

I didn’t even have time to fix the stuff because I had to put Enzo to sleep immediately since he was already so sleepy. He fell asleep in no time and I went to sleep with him. I must have been tired! When I woke up it was time to pick Nikki up in school. After doing so, we readied the food, wrapped the presents and put up the E-N-Z-O sign. I then put the small Pocoyo bath toys on Enzo’s cake and it was so cute! We ordered the bath toys from the US and my brother-in-law brought it home when they came here a few weeks ago. So happy with the way the cake turned out. πŸ™‚

I took photos of the food and cake and everything else and then had a late lunch. I shared the food with the people here at home and when Enzo woke up from his nap he was surprised with the Pocoyo toys on his cake. He ate some of the pizza and opened one of his presents. He loved the toy shopping cart we got him.

Come evening, Ruther arrived with a bucket of fried chicken and we had dinner and took photos and opened presents – not necessarily in that order. It took some time but the “party” ended after that. Even if it was just us, it was still fun and I’m sure Enzo will love looking a his 2nd birthday photos when he’s older.

So yeah, have fun, enjoy and dance away, baby. Just try not give me too many terrible twos scenarios, okay? πŸ˜€

We love you baby!

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