Posted by: katlea611 | September 10, 2012

Basketball for Enzo

I made this basketball hoop/arcade thing for Enzo because he loves to play this game a lot whenever we’re at the mall. He enjoys flinging the small basketballs towards the net even if they barely clear the protective barrier. He hates being dragged away from his basketball game and would put up a fuss all the way home. So, I thought, why not make one for him here at home? I just used an old cardboard box and one of their plastic basketball hoops. After cutting the box to look like the ones on the arcade, I fastened the hoop onto the box using cable ties. Pretty simple. I wanted to paint the box first before putting the hoop but Enzo wanted to play right away. So I guess it’s all right. He really enjoys it. And I’m glad. 😀




  1. These pictures are adorable! You should submit them for Canon’s Project Imaginat10n:

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