Posted by: katlea611 | June 30, 2012

Health is Wealth

We recently had our annual physical examination.  We had it last Wednesday because we had to have it with Ruther since we’re under his company’s insurance as well.  So Wednesday it was.

I was worried about Ethan because he never liked check-ups.  And he used to be so scared of the x-ray room and the laboratory where they had to prick his finger.  So I knew, when we were going towards the clinic, he was going to complain.  And complain he did.  He spent the first hour pacing around the waiting area and complaining, “But I don’t want a check-up!”.  I was already cringing inside.  Fortunately,  his tantrum did not take long and he came to me and said he was sorry ( because I ignored him the whole time he was having a fit). He simply ate his snack.  Then it was time for the check-up.  First was the eye exam, then the weight, height, the temperature and heartbeat. Even Enzo had a go and he wasn’t fussy although he refused to use his shoes again after. 

After that, we proceeded to the doctors’ office for consultation.  The kids are okay.  Nikki just has extremely dry skin which I’m planning to remedy using moisturizing soap and lotion.  Hopefully that will work.  Boys really do hate applying lotion on their skin. Sigh. Anyway, Ethan is okay as well.  He did not put up a fuss when the doctor checked his ears, heart and lungs.  So far so good.  I was relieved.

After the consultations, we headed to the x-ray room.  Nikki went ahead. Then it was Ethan’s turn.  In the past he would either scream, thrash, or run away. So I was so worried. I simply told him, “We’ll just get a photo of your ribs, okay?”  And he was calm.  He was worried and I could tell he was anxious but he did not move and was still when I told him to.  I was really proud of him. 

After we left the x-ray room, it was the lab. Nikki was inside the lab when we were leaving the x-ray so Ethan saw him and again, I started to worry.  I just told Ethan I would hold him and be with him. Now, this is a kid who used to fight nurses when they would put an IV needle in him.  I remember it took 5 people to hold him down just to put an IV drip when he was in the hospital.  So yeah, I was worried.  When it was his turn, he looked worried but I held him and it was over in an instant.  He looked fascinated when he watched his blood going inside a capillary tube. Enzo cried a bit but he soon forgot about his booboo. After the lab, Ruther and I had our ECG and we were done.

We had a quick lunch and then it was time for our dental. Now Ethan never had a dental treatment done ever because when we tried to have his teeth cleaned once, he refused to sit on the chair and put up a lot of fuss.  I did not want him to be traumatized so I let it go.  But last Wednesday, he needed a cleaning so I just encouraged him.  He went first and I was nervous but I didn’t show it.  I simply told him, “The doctor will check your teeth and wash them with water, okay?”  He didn’t seem to mind as long as I was with him. He liked it when the chair went up and the back reclined. He cooperated the whole time and I was so happy!  I promised him new whiteboard markers so after the dental cleaning, we went and got his markers and he was happy!  I was so proud of him.  Am still proud of him.  He has improved so much since last year and I hope his improvement continues still.

Anyway, we got the results of our tests.  Turns out, the boys have urinary tract infection.  So they have to take antibiotics and then have another urinalysis after.  I hope I won’t have problems with them drinking the medicine. SEVEN days.  

Good luck to me.


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