Posted by: katlea611 | June 21, 2012

So It Begins

Already started teaching Ethan his First Grade lessons.  It was difficult at first because he doesn’t like to learn the text book way.  I forgot that this boy likes his lessons given to him in a creative plate.  

It’s quite challenging because I need to fin time to prepare his lessons.  Good thing 1. I have the syllabus to follow and 2. Nikki’s Grade 1 books has like 90% of the lessons.  So, I just have to add a creative touch and Ethan learns without complaints.

He still dislikes writing but is getting better with practice.  I just have to give him short writing lessons everyday.  Sometimes he minds, sometimes he doesn’t.  But as long as he gets used to writing, that’s what’s most important.  In the beginning, I let him write his full name.  They were so sloppy but I didn’t say anything.  I let him do it everyday until he got used to it.  Then I added, “My name is …”  And he did that too.  Then now, he’s doing “I am ___ years old”.  And then later on, we’ll do the address.  I hope he doesn’t complain. 😛

We’re doing okay with Math.  I’m just worried bit about the writing exercises.  I mean, he could read and identify “seven hundred fifty-one or 751” but to write it?  It takes forever.  But again, I’m just letting him slowly get used to writing.  Hopefully he’ll be writing more and be complaining less in the next few months.

Another worry for me is Filipino.  Ethan speaks in English only and I cannot imagine how to introduce Ethan to Filipino through creative ways.  My best idea is to teach him English then Filipino, sort of ESL style. I guess it’s worth a shot.  I mean, how else can he learn Filipino if we don’t start now, right?

We’re doing okay with Science.  There are so many ways to be creative with pictures and experiments and besides, Science is my favorite. 😀  We did the parts of the body, the parts of the face, the 5 senses and the functions of the 5 senses in one day.  And yes, he understood the lesson.  Goodie!

Like I said, it’s a real challenge teaching Ethan but it’s so fulfilling when he learns and understands his lessons.  I feel like I’m getting through to him, you know.  So even if this takes up a lot of my time (even more than the usual), we’re going to do this.  And finish this. 

Wish us luck!


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