Posted by: katlea611 | June 6, 2012

iPad App: eFlash English

My boys get their love of gadgets from their dad.  So it’s no surprise that they take to gadgets like fish do to water.  Anyway, I’m usually the one responsible in searching for apps for the boys.  I usually check the “books”, “games” and “education” categories but I find searching for “free” apps more fulfilling. 😀  

Since the boys share the iPad with Enzo, I always try to look for apps that would satisfy everyone.  I found one that was like a Flashcard version, only, you pick which flashcard was asked.  So, not only will you have to focus on the card itself, you’d have to listen carefully to what was asked.  I thought this would be a great learning tool for Ethan since he’s a visual learner and would need to know these things.  The app I’m talking about is eFlash English. Oh and guess what?  It’s free.  Neat.

The App has 11 categories which varies from animals to everyday things.  There are usually 4 pictures shown per “page” and you pick the right picture.  You get the right answer through trial and error (as in the case with Enzo who just taps everything).  Ethan already knows most of the words there and there are like over 450 words so I’m just thankful his vocabulary is growing! 😀  It’s also great for memory-building and the pictures are very easy to identify.  

Since this is such a great learning tool for the boys (well, maybe not Nikki since it’s too easy for him), I also got the eFlash2 English for them.  And yes, it too, is FREE.


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