Posted by: katlea611 | May 31, 2012

Young Chefs Success

So yesterday was the third and last day of the Young Chefs Cooking Camp.  They made chicken and eggplant nuggets (which tasted yummy!) and buffalo chicken tenders.  Nikki had a lot of fun and even won in the raffle at the end of the session! Since they got certificates, I’m planning on putting them in his portfolio.  Hopefully I’ll be able to make a comprehensive one for him.


We got our flu shots the other day.  At least that one’s over.  Enzo was a bit fussy and Nikki tried his best to be brave (since we’ve already studied why vaccines are important for our bodies).  I was so worried about Ethan because I know he’s scared of needles.  I asked Ruther to help me hold him down and I thought, “This is it”.  But after he got the shot and we all cheered, all he did was look up and say, “Huh?” I was so wrong.  I was really proud of him that night.  He even said “Thank you!” to the doctor!  My boy is so sweet.  For his reward, he got a band-aid (he LOVES band-aids and used up boxes of those once). Now that it’s over, I am only sorry that I was too worried over Ethan’s reaction to the shot that I forgot to take photos!


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