Posted by: katlea611 | May 24, 2012

My Parents and LASIK

My mom and dad are here!! They arrived this morning and I spent Tuesday and the whole of yesterday with them. It’s also a great bonding opportunity for my boys. Been so busy trying to keep up with the shopping, going places and spending time with them that I don’t have time to blog – yet.  Sacrifices have to be made. 😀


While my mom was at an optical shop last Tuesday, geting new contacts for herself, my dad and I were having a conversation.  He asked me why I wasn’t wearing contacts now when I used to before.  I told him I had excessive dryness when I wore my contacts and it would irritate my eyes and sometimes turn them red, so I completely stopped wearing them and started wearing glasses.  He then asked me how much LASIK cost as a treatment.  I told him Ruther’s cost around P65,000 and that was back in 2000.  Then I told him that I recently saw a promo for LASIK that cost P29,999 and he said, “Thirty thousand? Okay, I’ll give you the money and you have your eyes done”.  I was so surprised!  I was like, really?!?!  Goodbye glasses forever?  WOW!!!  I was ecstatic!  Think of the possibilities:  No more kids breaking your glasses accidentally, wearing fashionable sunglasses, snorkeling underwater without squinting and no more looking like I’m 10 years older.  WOW!!!  So exciting!  I showed my parents the promo yesterday and they told me to get it.  This is great!  I’ll be able to have my eyesight back after yeeeeaaarrss of squinting and glasses and contacts.  Woohoo! Makes me wish I could do cartwheels right now.

Thanks Daddy and Mommy! I’m so lucky! Love you guys!! 😀


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