Posted by: katlea611 | May 24, 2012

168… *shiver*

Today, I have decided to bring Nikki along with us to 168, and leave Ethan at home.  I know Nikki can be impatient and irritable when he’s sleepy and tired but I believe he will learn a lot in our adventure today.  Like what, you ask?  Well, haggling for one.  😀  Kidding aside, I want Nikki to learn how to be street smart.  He’s quite the gullible boy so I want him to have life experiences so he’ll be more confident and more self-assured.  So today, we’re learning about safety and what to do in crazy, I mean, crowded places. I already told my sister that I just know I’ll be so stressed today from having to keep my eye in him all the time and tending to Enzo (who’s becoming so bossy these days) but Ruther will be with me so I’m kind of hoping I won’t go crazy at the end of the day.  We’ll just get Ethan a nice pasalubong so he won’t feel too bad about staying home (he actually doesn’t feel bad at all and much prefers to stay home instead of crowded places).  As always, I prepare the boys for such “adventures”.  I always dress them up in bright shirts so I could see them even from a distance.  I always tell them to stick close to me.  And I warn them of stranger danger.  In the Philippines, it is always best to be wary of suspicious characters.  Remember, forewarned is forearmed. Since Nikki also has his own cellphone, I teach him to wear it inside his shirt so no one will be tempted to grab it from his neck.  He did that when we were in Baclaran the other day.

So yeah, weighing the learning opportunities for Nikki, I guess I’ll just have to brave the storm. Oh yeah, and I’m hoping I get to bring home some nice clothes or even a bag for myself.  😀


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