Posted by: katlea611 | May 13, 2012

DIY: Air Freshener

We were at The DIY Shop yesterday because we had to buy one of those odor absorbing/charcoal things for the car (to get rid of some food odor).  On the same shelf, I happened to spy a canister of Glade’s Magic Gel do-it-yourself air freshener.  I thought, “Cool! Something to do with the boys!” It cost P70 and seemed reasonable so we got one.  Nikki picked the lemon burst scent.

We decided to make the air freshener today for want of something to do and so the boys would have an air freshener in their room.  The DIY kit is fairly easy to do.  The contents were: 1 sachet of fragrance oil, 1 sachet of magic powder, 1 plastic stirrer, 1 plastic container (which was beautifully wrapped, I must say) and 1 cover (with a mesh on it). 

How to use:

1. Peel off protection sticker on the cover. (We kept the sticker. Will explain why later.)

2. Place the powder and oil into the container.

3. Fill the container with water up to the line (the line is inside the container).  Stir the mixture until the gel is formed.  (You’d have to do small fast mixes rather than slow big ones to get the chemical reaction going.  When Nikki did it, it took some time for the gel to form but when I did quick and small mixing movements that seemed to work.)

4. Place the cover on top.

5. Periodically stir the gel to reactivate the fragrance. (This is the reason why we decided to keep the sticker.  So we won’t have to look for a stirrer for this purpose, we used the protection sticker to stick the stirrer on the bottom of the canister.  This way, when we need to reactivate the fragrance, the stirrer is on hand.)  Discard when the gel dries up. 

Easy, right?  This activity is great for younger kids too.  Just be careful when you put the fragrance oil into the canister.  Nikki was a bit clumsy so he has some oil on his fingers (and mine too when I tried to help him). The scent that Nikki picked was great.  The room smelled so citrusy. Oh yeah, this Magic Gel makes a 150gm air freshener. Not bad, right?  We’re now thinking of getting other Magic Gel scents.  Who thought a 5-minute activity could be so much fun?

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