Posted by: katlea611 | May 10, 2012

We Have Mice

For pets that is.

Ever since we went to Nogeyama Zoo in Japan and played with little mice in their petting zoo, I have always recalled how delightful and playful they were. So, after visiting Bioresearch yesterday and finding some mice for sale (other Bioresearch branches didn’t have any), we decided then and there to get 2 pairs.  I would have wanted 4 pairs but our hamster is occupying the bigger cage and they would be overcrowded in the smaller one.  So for now, 2 pairs.  We decided to get white females and spotted males.  This way, we won’t have a hard time identifying them. I was kinda irked with the Bioresearch person who got the mice for us.  I asked him if the mice they had nipped and he said they did.  But he didn’t sound too sure about it and I told Nikki we could always use our potholders to pet them if we wanted to.  BUT, they kind of escaped in the van on the way home and since Ruther clearly stated that he didn’t want any escaped mice in the van, I had to gather them up quickly.  Lo and behold!  They were exactly like the mice in Japan!  Very friendly, curious and not biting at all! That man needs some harsh talk for scaring customers with his lack of knowledge.  

When we got home, we had to prepare their cage and put food and a toilet paper roll inside.  We put some water as well then transfered the mice to their new home. They seemed happy.  They’re just so cute I play with them sometimes during the day.  I told Nikki we’ll have to research more on how to care for the mice but I’m sure it won’t be a big problem.

For now, we’re happy with our pet mice. 😀


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