Posted by: katlea611 | May 7, 2012

RIzal Park/Luneta

A few weeks ago, on a whim, my husband and I brought the boys to Rizal Park.  It was a weekend afternoon and since we were getting fed up with malls, we thought, why not Rizal Park?  The boys have never been there, it’s a park and it’s free.  So from SM Mall of Asia, we headed to Kalaw.  We parked along Quirino Grandstand and walked to the monument.  Since Nikki learned about the monument in school, he was very interested in the place. There were some people (tourists, families, couples, etc) around but the park wasn’t too crowded. We went around the park and took photos of sculptures and artwork and Nikki took photos using his phone, too.  I’ve been encouraging him to take photos and seeing things from a different perspective.  I’m hoping that this way, he could develop his artistic eye.

At the end of the park (beside LRT) was the relief map of the Philippines. I remember my mom telling me stories of the time when she brought me and my sister here when we were little.  So it gave me a nice feeling knowing that I was here when I was younger and now, my boys are visiting the place.  Ethan was not very interested in geography but I didn’t mind.

While going around, we found some mushrooms.  THAT caught Ethan’s eye.  Then he also discovered a hairy caterpillar.  Those two made his day.  😀

We saw busts of heroes and Presidents, of families having picnics, of kids running around and playing, of tourists taking photos everywhere, and of commuters passing through the park.  It was a nice afternoon for a stroll.

In one part of the park, some men were playing chess.  It was fun to watch them.  Made me remember the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer.  Anyway, we crossed the road to Quirino Grandstand and we showed Nikki the Km 0 marker.  We had to explain to him what it meant and that interested him as well. Near the grandstand, a lot of people were flying kites.  I thought that would be a nice activity for the boys next time.  It was too bad we crossed the road sooner rather than later because the fountains near the monument turned on and even from afar, we could tell it was very entertaining.  It’s okay.  We could always go back to Rizal Park next time.

The boys had a fun time during the stroll/visit. We’re hoping we’ll be able to find places like this in the future; places that are clean, nice and free.


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