Posted by: katlea611 | October 29, 2009

Day 4

It’s been crazy these past days. I’ve spent so much time attending to the boys, discouraging them from scratching (little success there), keeping them hydrated and encouraging them to eat. It’s been tough because my boys are rarely listless. Also, the vesicles look terrible!! Nikki has a lot on his face and I’m worried they would develop into permanent scars! I hope not. Maybe there’s something I could apply on the drying wound that would keep it from scarring?

Anyway, a blogger friend suggested I try this oat bath for the boys.  It’s supposed to help relieve the itchiness somewhat.  The boys loved it!!  Before we did that, I would bathe them in some water mixed with an infusion of boiled guava leaves. Guava leaves have antiseptic properties. Only thing is, it turns the water brown which the boys didn’t like much. So last night, I tried the oat bath and they enjoyed it a lot! Ethan was wary at first but after I rubbed the oats (wrapped in their cloth diaper) on his skin he didn’t mind anymore.

I hope their chickenpox would go away soon.  It’s horrible seeing the boys this way.  They just don’t have the energy to do most of the things they want to do.  And Ethan is getting so thin!!  It’s freaking me out.  I have some major fattening up to do after they get better.

More updates soon…

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