Posted by: katlea611 | October 26, 2009


The boys have chickenpox.

Ethan’s fever turned out to be a symptom of the illness. Ethan had a blister 2 days ago near his upper lip and he complained that it hurt and wanted me to bandage it but after kissing him, we didn’t think much of it until I noticed that it became like a reddish pimple. Then, I noticed that he developed another blister near his nape and I got suspicious. Yesterday, while combing Nikki’s hair, I noticed a similar “pimple” on his scalp. Then this morning, when Nikki woke up he had tiny blisters on his face, arms and body and I was like, “AHA! Chickenpox!!” And I was right.

Ethan is feverish and cranky and clingy. He wants me to always be by his side. The good thing though is that he has very little blisters at the moment. Nikki is not as feverish but he has blisters over his body and suffers from upset stomach. Poor kids. 😦 I of course, am trying to make things easy for them today so I am like their slave for the moment. I don’t mind because I know they need the pampering. I went to the drugstore this afternoon to buy some calamine ointment/cream so I could apply on the itchy blisters/sores. I don’t want them to develop into scars from rough scratching.

Anyway, I’m hoping that their illness won’t last for more than a week. It’s a good thing I already had chickenpox when I was in grade school. But then again, I only had it for 4 days. I hope I don’t start sprouting blisters in the next few days!!


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