Posted by: katlea611 | October 25, 2009

Finding Friends

Our lessons have been so casual these past days.  Of course, as usual, I am starting to panic again. I’m in my “am I doing enough” stage again.  Someone slap me before I lose it for the nth time.

Anyway, Nikki and I have been doing some simple experiments.  We got to do some science activities and he enjoyed them.  I also got him this learning DVD with math lessons: addition groupings (1+1=2, 1+2=3, etc.) and subtraction groupings and other math lessons.  It’s great because he’s interested and pays attention.

With Ethan he’s still interested in words right now.  He could read certain words and would ask me the more difficult ones.  He’s learning but at his own pace.  Sometimes, it frustrates his dad a bit especially when Ethan won’t carry a conversation with him.  But that’s Ethan.  He’s restless and easily distracted.  That’s just who he is.

On the happier side, a lot of people (strangers in fact) have noticed the way the boys speak in public.  One sales person asked me, “Ma’am, yung mga anak niyo ba nag-aaral sa international school?”  (Ma’am, are your kids studying in an international school?)  On a different occasion, a cashier at a supermarket asked me, “Ma’am, saan po lumaki yung mga anak niyo?  Sa abroad?” (Ma’am, where did your sons grow up? Abroad?) And I would simply tell them that I homeschool the boys.  And always, always they are so amazed.  And I would feel proud that my boys speak really well.  I hope that the will continue to speak English fluently (and Tagalog and perhaps Nihongo as well) in the future.  I really hope.


I’m a bit worried about Nikki.  He’s been yearning for friendships with kids his age lately.  I really don’t want him to play with the kids in the neighborhood because 1.) we don’t know them that well, 2.) I don’t know how they are going to treat Nikki, and 3.) if we’re going to live overseas in the future, the friendship won’t be long-term.  So I’m having second thoughts about how to deal with this.  They don’t have cousins because my siblings and Ruther’s siblings don’t have any kids yet.  They don’t have regular playmates because they don’t go to regular school.  So, my only option is to either enrol Nikki in a class where he could interact with other kids (like sports) or, invite some of Ruther’s cousin’s kids for a playgroup of some sort regularly.  So, maybe we could do that for a change.  Anyway, I’ll have to check some of the nearby schools for any after-school programs they may have for kids like Nikki.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find one.


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