Posted by: katlea611 | October 21, 2009

Getting Fit and Subtracting

We’ve been taking it easy with the lessons lately. But so far it’s been good. The boys have become more interested in doing things without my telling them to.  I mean, I still give suggestions on what activities we’d do but most of the time, they try to keep themselves preoccupied.

Nikki still likes to have Ethan around when doing things.  But Ethan still wants to be left alone when he’s interested in an activity.  I try to separate them when the tension gets too high but sometimes they can work together, especially when Ethan needs a bit of guidance from his Kuya.  Typical brothers. 🙂

Nikki is getting heavy so we’re doing the Wii Fit to monitor his weight.  It’s handy and very helpful.  Every 2 weeks, we check his progress.  Last time we checked he lost 2 pounds which isn’t bad.  I don’t want him to lose weight too fast so this way is great.  Also, the exercises on Wii Fit are loads fun.  Due to a recent skin condition, I was not able to play the Wii Fit but tomorrow, I’ll be back on track once more.  I need to do those aerobic exercises pronto!  Ethan tried the Wii Fit too but he was too restless.  Oh well… At least his weight is normal.


Nikki and I have also started tackling subtraction with borrowing.  As always with math, I don’t want to pressure Nikki because I don’t want him to hate math the way I did when I went to school.  But while playing his DS game Shop Owner, he needed help with a problem.  Turns out it was the perfect way to introduce subtraction with borrowing.  First, he had to add all the items to be bought by the customer (in the game), e.g $19.  Then, the customer would give him her money, e.g. $30.  So, we’d do the difference and Nikki would “hand” the customer the change and check his answer.  It was great!  Of course, we would do the subtracting on a piece of paper, but still, it was nice that I didn’t have to pressure Nikki to learn that.  So now, whenever it’s cashier time, he’d run to me and ask me for help.  I don’t mind of course.  As long as he understands the concept, I’m sure he’ll be able to do it on his own in the future. 😀

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