Posted by: katlea611 | October 17, 2009

New Pups

My brother-in-law’s dog, Chowchow, gave birth to 5 pups today. So that pretty much kept our day occupied. She’s a first time mom and I wanted to make sure she took good care of her pups. She handled the birthing well. I was worried at first because when the first pup came out it didn’t seem like she knew what to do. But then, instinct kicked in and she was a pro. There was an 8-minute interval from the first pup to the second. Then the third quickly came. Then we thought that was that. But after seeing more contractions and some bleeding, the fourth one came out. And then we thought that was that. But finally, after a 6-minute wait, the final pup came. Whew! We were all too cautious to go near Chowchow even if she’s very even-tempered with us. I still wouldn’t allow the boys to go near her and the pups. Just to be on the safe side. I gave her some milk and she lapped at it hungrily. I’m gonna give her more milk in the next few weeks just to keep her milk supply up. The pups are sooo cute! The first one was all white. The second, third and fourth were white with black spots. Then the last one is almost black. I like that one the best. Anyway, I managed to “borrow” a couple of the pups to take their photo and here they are:

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