Posted by: katlea611 | October 13, 2009

No Internet

We lost our internet connection for the past 3 days.  Been having some problems with the phones and when the service guy came over, he did something and we lost the connection!  So, we had to call it in again and today, someone came over and fixed the problem and voila! connected to the cyber world again.

Anyway, I thought that the boys would complain about having no internet connection but I was wrong.  They read their books.  And Nikki used the laptop, opened Microsoft Word and typed words in upper and lowercase (his favorite thing to do).  And Ethan was right beside him, learning along.  That was nice to see.  Then, I got one of Nikki’s books and we did a spelling test. I would give him a word (e.g. reverse) then read that word in the story (Miss Honey drove the school bus in reverse).  Then Nikki would type the word and if the spell-check underlines the word, he’d know he made a mistake and would correct it.  After completing a list of words, he would identify them as either a noun, verb or adjective.  I was just glad that he enjoyed the activity. I’m sure other kids would have complained about the lesson.


I’m currently reading The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook by Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore.  I just started reading it and it’s so far a great read.  I agree with some points written but at the same time, I’m not too fond of other ideas.  I especially like the idea of child readiness.  With Ethan, we’re adapting the Moore formula and mixing it with other forms (which is why we are eclectic homeschoolers) and I think it’s good for Ethan’s personality.  I also agree with their concept of volunteerism.  I want Nikki to start being more concerned for other people.  The downside however, is that volunteer groups here in Manila rarely ask for kids’ help.  But I hope that we’ll still be able to do this in our own way eventually.

I’m still in the first few pages of the book but maybe I’ll pick lots of good tips once I’m done reading it.


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