Posted by: katlea611 | September 30, 2009


We had an okay day today. 

Nikki cooked some pasta for the first time.  We had some leftover spaghetti sauce and I asked Nikki if he wanted to cook some pasta for me.  He agreed so I got the penne and instructed him how to cook it.  He enjoyed it a lot so I’m thinking we could do a cooking/baking activity every week.  Hopefully we’ll get to do more recipes.

We also got to read some books.  Nothing serious.  Just nice, easy-to-read stories.  I want the boys to have fun with books and not feel like reading is a chore.  Sometimes, I ask Nikki to read and sometimes, I do the reading.

Then the boys spent a good part of the afternoon in the bathroom.  Ethan got into the pail and Nikki had no choice but to sit in a basin since he could no longer fit into any of the pails in the house.  So they just stayed there and played with a plastic water bottle, a small toy watering can, water gun and a toy pitcher.  They had fun although I did encourage them to not waste water.  They need to bond sometimes, just the two of them.

We also went out today and played some badminton.  I figured that since we’re expecting more rains in the next few days, we might as well make the most of the fair weather.  So Nikki and I played badminton and Ethan joined us for a bit but he was more than happy to search for bugs around the neighborhood.  He managed to find a group of centipedes (called a swarm scientifically) near an empty lot and became quite excited.  I was astounded to see that many centipedes in one place so I went inside the house to get my camera.  It was fascinating!  I had never seen that many centipedes in my life!

Anyway, shortly after that, Nikki and I cut some long grass from the vacant lot to feed the rabbits.  We read that the rabbits shouldn’t be given too much pellets lest they become overweight.  So we give them greens everyday.  They are doing well.  Taro has lost that black scab on his nose.  I applied oil on it every other day and one day the scab just came off and now, his nose is a cute pink once more.  Aiko is still as naughty as ever.  Whenever she’s out of her cage, she would try to get out of my grasp.  But she’s still a dear.

Tonight, I pretty much just let them do as they please which could be watching Playhouse Disney or checking out starfall on the computer or playing their Nintendo DS (which they haven’t played in days).  While they’re doing that, I’m typing this and watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Talk about multi-tasking! 🙂

Anyway, I hope that tomorrow will be another okay day for us too…

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