Posted by: katlea611 | September 29, 2009

Empathizing and Giving a Helping Hand

Yesterday, I showed Nikki some photos in the internet of the victims and the destruction of Typhoon Ondoy. I wanted him to realize the impact the environment has in our day to day lives. I also wanted to know how he would react upon seeing the photos. At first, he said that the people should all have floaties so that they would not drown in the flood. When I mentioned the destruction to their homes and things, he said that people should help them and I thought, “That’s the right idea, anak.” I’m happy that he’s growing up to be a consciencious boy. Nikki is after all, a sensitive child but it helps to know that he’s concerned for other people. We’re collecting all our wearable old clothes and some canned goods and noodles to give to the nearest donation center so we could also do our part in helping our poor countrymen. I hope other families would do the same.


A few months ago, I introduced to Ethan in the hope that he would like to use it for his lessons. Unfortunately, he was either too interested in nick.jr or he simply wasn’t ready for starfall so he never visited the site again. However, I favorited the site because I thought that Nikki could try it out. Anyway, a few days ago, I saw him using the laptop and he was in the starfall website. And he was having fun learning phonics and such. I was really happy about that. I hope that he would continue to explore starfall because it’s such a great learning site. And hopefully Nikki could teach him a lot from that site too.

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