Posted by: katlea611 | September 25, 2009

Casual Day

We didn’t do a lot of formal lessons today because our box from Japan arrived last night and I spend the day trying to empty it and keep the things away.  Of course, the boys saw their toys and wanted to play with them.  I didn’t mind.  They are mostly educational toys.  So Ethan spent the better part of the day writing hiragana and Nikki did his puzzles and played on the computer (Disney software).  I must say, although it seems to have been a very relaxing day, I’m quite glad that the boys still managed to sneak in some fun “lessons” for them to do. 🙂


The boys and I still miss Japan.  I really would have been great spending these months with their dad.  I know it would have been difficult homeschooling in Japan but I also know that we would manage, as we always do.  Ethan really misses Minato Mirai, the place where his dad works.  He particularly loves the ferris wheel.  He also misses the trains.  Nikki loves going to kid places.  He likes seeing new things even if he gets tired quite easily.  I miss everything about Japan.  I love that country and I miss it like crazy.


  1. Oh, Yette I just read all your post here and on blogger and I feel so bad for what had happened.

    I really pray, hope and wish that everything will turn out just fine that you’ll be back here in Japan.

    Sana makahanap si Ruther ng mas magandang job at mas magandang company na vina-value and employee nila at family nito.

    Lipat mo na lang dito sa WP yung blog mo sa blogger tapos wag mo na lang i-allow ang mga search engines na i-publish blog mo, grabe naman yung company nila pati rights mo to express your emotions me say sila.. Haaay, I really wish you all the best and may all that is happening pass and you’ll have rainbows again.

  2. Oh, I see.

    sabagay it’s better to move on than dwell on the negativity of what had happened..

    but if ever you want a blog that is really private and where you can share your thoughts na di ka mag-iisip sino kaya nagbabasa na naman just transfer here sa WP (pilitin ba? hehehe) transfer all the post na importante sa’yo then just make the one on blogger be open for public para sa paid blogs mo..

    sana nga makauwi si Ruther sa December it’ll somehow ease the pain..

    I also hope and pray na makabalik kayo dito… Don’t worry I know God has better plans in store for you, guys.

    • it’s quite all right mitzh. i’ve had my blog longer than those people so i’m going to put it back to once everything calms down. i don’t want them to think that i’m a person who could be subdued so easily. if i were not so concerned about ruther, i would have said a good deal more than what i posted and i would not stop posting my sentiments but i don’t want ruther to get the brunt of their irresponsiblity and insensitivity. i’m still trying to think of ways to be positive and for the moment, i’m trying to keep myself busy na lang.

      life is tough right now because this was not how i pictured this year to be but as long as my family is intact, we’ll manage. i believe in karma naman. we’ll see where that takes them…

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