Posted by: katlea611 | September 23, 2009


Well, yesterday was Papa’s birthday and we spent the the day at Calamba, Laguna.  Papa suggested going to a hot spring resort and it’s not like the boys would protest.  So, we went to Monte Vista.  We’ve been there before and since I predicted a hot day, I was glad we went there instead of another resort.  The boys and I did not get too dark from all the swimming we did.  Anyway, the most important thing was that we had a family day, we had loads of fun and the boys got to play in the water which they so love to do.  I just with their dad was here to bond with us…


We’ve got new pet rabbits.  After White Paw, our previous pet rabbit passed away, Nikki wanted to have another pet.  When we went to 168 at Divisoria last week with my parents, Nikki spied a vendor selling some rabbits and we bought a pair.  I’m quite happy that we have two rabbits this time because I think White Paw was a lonely rabbit.  We named the rabbits Aiko and Taro.  Just because we miss Japan so much, we gave them Japanese names.  Anyway, they are both healthy and happy.  We researched the internet for some rabbit tips and what toys to give them.  We let them out of their baskets everyday for exercise and give them fresh vegetables.  I hope to see them grow well in the next few weeks. Will post a photo of them here soon.


Ethan is learning more words everyday.  Because of the tv show, Word World, he’s learning the fun way.  The show is aired on Playhouse Disney every Mondays to Fridays at 3pm.  I’m glad for shows like this because it’s especially challenging teaching Ethan and coming up with creative ways to teach him lessons.  Anyway, am looking forward to seeing him learn new words.


I’m thinking of having a reading day every week.  I know Nikki reads in different ways like when he watches his movies and reads the subtitles or when he sings along on his videoke or when we do reading comprehension in his workbooks.  But I would still want him to read books like I did when I was little.  I still buy him lots of books from Booksale and I know that even if sometimes he’s not in the mood to read them,  he’ll eventually learn to love reading.  I mean I love to read and his dad loves to read, so why wouldn’t him?

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