Posted by: katlea611 | September 19, 2009

Okay – Sort Of

Today was an okay day I suppose.  Amidst all the craziness in our lives right now, we managed to do some lessons.

Firstly, Nikki and I played in the rain.  It didn’t rain as hard as the other day but we still had fun.  We have a mini garden there so we sprayed the plants with water.  Ethan just recovered from a cough so I didn’t want him to come out in the rain but fortunately, he wasn’t in the mood for some rain action and simply stayed in the room.

Shortly after that Nikki and I did some lessons.  We did some geography, some “follow-the-instructions” type of worksheets and some language lessons.  It was fine.  We didn’t so anything complicated.  As much as possible, I want Nikki to not dread doing worksheets (yet).  Then, I pretty much left the boys to do as they pleased for the rest of the day.  Ethan watched Word World and at the same time, wrote on his magnetic board.  I love it when he learns on his own.  Trying to teach Ethan is like trying to pull teeth out.  Really.  I should know. I was a dentist.   Anyway, it was great seeing him write letters and words.  It was quite an achievement already.  Nikki, meanwhile, did some strategic games on the computer.  You know, those games where you’re supposed to think.  There’s this stick figure  and then you’d have to figure out how to let him get the star.  It would really make you think.  I mean, I was baffled as to why Nikki would like such a complicated game but well, as long as he’s learning, thinking and figuring things out, hey, I’m happy.

Tomorrow, we’ll try to do more lessons.  Maybe more Math because we haven’t been doing much of that lately.  Wish us luck!


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