Posted by: katlea611 | July 30, 2009

In Japan Now

So, we’re in Japan now and it’s been a crazy week. Last Saturday, we arrived safely but since there was an accommodations inspection the next day, we had to do some cleaning and by evening we were all so tired.

Sunday was okay. Ruther was feeling under the weather so we didn’t go out immediately. It was also quite warm. We went out in the afternoon and the boys were so excited to ride the train again. We went to Sofmap, Uniqlo (where I found a nice black dress that was on sale for only ¥500!) and Yodobashi and then pretty much that was our day.

Monday we went to the ward office at Nakayama so we could apply for our alien registration card. We got the boys’ almost immediately but mine will have to be claimed at a later date. We got to eat at KFC for a late lunch and Ethan was hungry for chicken. Since Nikki had brunch, he ate very little. I suspect he only misses the Jollibee chickenjoy back home since he said and I quote “it’s the yummiest chicken of all!”

The boys are not having any problems adjusting to life in Japan again. I suppose they don’t realize that we’ll be staying longer. I’m still having qualms whether or not to enrol Nikki in a school here this coming term. I suppose I’ll only have a month to think of that. I would still want to homeschool him until he’s capable of independent study. All those talks of bullying in both public and private schools here just makes me nervous. Anyway, I’ll have to see if we’ll be able to find a good school for Nikki whether the traditional way or through a homeschooling program.

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