Posted by: katlea611 | July 21, 2009

In The Bathroom

Ethan loves to study now – in the bathroom.  I got the boys this alphabet set that they could play in the water and post on the wet tiles of the bathroom.  Well, Ethan is learning new words now and he really loves those letters.  He likes to get into the pail and just make new words.  He already knows most of the words from his educational DVD (opposites) so he knows how to properly spell words like fast, slow, big, go, stop, etc.  When Ethan learns it’s really amazing to me because we never get to sit down and do lessons the way Nikki and I do.  With him it’s always his way or not at all.  Yes, it can be VERY frustrating but when my little once starts spelling new words just like that, I can’t help but feel proud of him for his accomplishment.  Anyway, because of his interest in putting letters together and forming new words, I am now thinking of bringing those letters with me to Japan.  Ethan will have a blast playing with those in the tub. 🙂


The boys love a new tv show now.  It’s Word World and I think it’s a great show.  It’s wonderful for kids who are just starting to read.  I used to hate phonics when I was in school because we had to sound words repeatedly and it was so boring.  But Word World is fun.  Even Ethan finds the show interesting and that’s something because he’s very picky with which shows appeal to him.  I don’t have to worry about missing episodes because Ruther has copies in Japan.  So I think the boys will love that. 🙂

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