Posted by: katlea611 | July 15, 2009


Okay, okay, I know.  I haven’t posted.  AGAIN.  Sorry about that.  Let me just update you on what’s been happening…

Well, it was my birthday last Friday.  No, there was no celebration, no party.  I brought the boys to the mall and we made a day out of it.  That was all.  I don’t mind though.

Second news. We finally got our certificate of eligibility.  So last Saturday I went to the travel agency and applied for our visa.  I was nervous at first because I wanted to make sure we had all the necessary documents.  But turns out, I didn’t have to worry about anything after all.  Everything was in order.  Now all we have to do is wait.

More news.  Nikki’s kangkong is growing beautifully.  If I thought that planting a vegetable garden would be this easy I would have done this a long time ago!  Anyway, the kangkong will soon be harvested (we’re giving it a few more days) and we’re hoping the pechay will also grow just as well.  I’m now thinking of starting a small vegetable garden in Japan for our cooking needs.  Thing is, it’s just a bit difficult looking for a place to plant the mini-garden.  But I’m quite sure we’ll find a way even if we have to put our mini-garden outside the apartment.

I’ve been teaching Nikki Math recently and I’m quite happy with the way he’s handling the lessons.  He’s more focused (than before) although he still spaces out sometimes. But I’ve learned to control my impatience when it comes to math lessons.  Hopefully, this change will be good for both of us and Nikki will enjoy Math more.

Ethan is still a challenge to teach.  Although I find that he’s interested in online educational sites, it’s still very difficult giving him structured lessons.  Sigh.  I know I have to be patient and be more creative with my approach but sometimes it ca get very trying.  But of course, I won’t give up.

I’ve been thinking and pondering about whether or not to enrol Nikki in a homeschool provider.  I’m still having qualms about the scheduling of subjects, especially if I’ll consider working in Japan.  Also, I’m thinking he’s going to hate having lessons everyday and lose the flexibility we’ve gotten used to all these years.  Still, I’m going to weigh every option there is for us.  I would still want him to try at least.  Who knows, he just might be capable.

Anyway, more news next time.  Hopefully it won’t take me as long to write here again…

Happy Homeschooling all! 😀

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