Posted by: katlea611 | June 30, 2009

Nikki Discovers The Lion King

Nikki just discovered The Lion King.  I tried to make him watch it when he was younger but he didn’t appreciate it then.  A few days ago I tried to let him watch it again and he liked it this time!  Ethan thought at first it was Chicken Little (because of the intro) but realized later on that it was a different movie.  Anyway, we got Nikki a Simba stuffed toy when he was a baby and I looked for it and gave it to him while he watched the movie and he really enjoyed the story.  So now, that’s his “new” fave movie.  He says he doesn’t like Scar (who would?) and he really likes Simba.  He also says Timone and Pumbaa and Zazu are funny.  He was surprised when I sang along to the songs.  I told him he’ll learn them in time too.  Ethan doesn’t like the movie that much yet but I’m not worried.  I’m sure  he’ll appreciate it when he’s bigger.


I’m planning on taking Nikki to the movie theatre when Ige Age 3 shows.  It’ll be his first time in the theatre and I’m not sure how he’ll take it.  The first time we tried bringing him to the movie house he panicked and wanted out immediately.  He didn’t even get to see the start of the movie.  My sis took him to watch The Incredibles.  Apparently then he was not ready.  Hopefully this time he will be.  Ethan definitely is not ready yet because he’s still too fearful of the dark.  So maybe in a couple of years or so.  I’m actually excited to see his reaction once he’s in the moviehouse.  I hope he won’t be too scared and I hope we’ll get to watch the entire movie.

We’ll have to wait and see… 🙂


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