Posted by: katlea611 | June 14, 2009

Singing Now

Last week I bought Nikki a microphone.  I noticed that he learned the Tagalog songs in his Awiting Pambata (Kid’s Songs) VCD and since our DVD player allows a mic to be attached to it, I thought that it would be nice for him to sing the songs without the accompanying voice (karaoke style).  So I took a chance and bought the microphone and guess what?  He loved it!  He was singing softly during the first 2 songs but after that he pretty much sang to his heart’s content.  He was a bit shy though and wanted me to leave the room so I left him alone but I listened through the door and he could really read the Tagalog words well now.  And it’s nice because aside from learning more Filipino words, he’s having fun at the same time.  I’m now thinking of getting him another Tagalog videoke CD for kids.  Ethan has started singing the Bahay Kubo song as well and I hope that he’ll follow in Kuya’s interest in learning Filipino.  We’ll just have to wait and see…


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