Posted by: katlea611 | May 27, 2009

Brothers and Best friends

I read this article by Carletta Sanders of Successful Homschooling and I think it is very insightful. As a mom with 2 boys of different personalities, I think it’s nice to learn a few tips on how to make my boys’ relationship more harmonious.

From Rivals to Best Friends
by Carletta Sanders

When I wake to the sound of my children arguing, I know it’s going to be a rough day. Sibling rivalry may be normal, but I don’t want my children to be normal. I want them to be best friends.
The first steps to overcoming sibling rivalry are to understand and address the underlying causes. Conflict between brothers and sisters can be caused by the following:

Differences in temperament – No two children are alike. Help your children learn to be considerate of each other’s personalities and preferences.
Differences in age – Have older children help and encourage younger siblings, and have younger siblings respect and serve those who are older.
Selfishness – Teach your children to put others before themselves by waiting patiently for their turn and being gracious when others are waiting.
Competition – It isn’t easy for our children to watch siblings excel in areas where they struggle. Help your children acknowledge each other’s differences and appreciate each other’s strengths.
Jealousy – Encourage your children to rejoice with and want good things for each other.
Poor modeling – If mom and dad can’t get along, chances are the children won’t either. Model positive conflict resolution.

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