Posted by: katlea611 | May 26, 2009

Good Day

We had pretty much an okay day today.  After I got back from PRC this morning to get my professional ID, I rested a bit while the boys played in their room downstairs.  Then, I gave both of them a haircut (or a trim).  After lunch, Nikki and I reviewed his Math lessons with the soroban.  We just finished addition with numbers from 1-10 the other day and we started subtraction today.  He pretty much got it immediately.  I decided not to push him too much and just review the addition and subtraction lessons tomorrow.  Then, we reviewed his Nihongo and I got him the books I bought for him in Japan.  They are just picture books but aside from the English words, there are Japanese characters written there (translation).  So, there would be a photo of an apple, with the word “apple” beside it and under that would be “ringo” (written in hiragana or katakana).  I have to admit that I pretty much can’t read Japanese characters yet but I know Nikki could read the characters because I know some of the stuff in the book in romaji form.  Anyway, after that we did a simple experiment:  How do I breathe in or out?  We just needed a measuring tape, pen and paper and measured our chests while holding a big breath in and when we exhaled all the air out.  So, it was a quick science experiment and Nikki enjoyed it.  After that was naptime and when they woke up, I just let them do as they pleased while I did my chores.  Then, Nikki watched his Tagalog videoke CD and I must say, he learned a lot more Tagalog words from watching that. 😀  Anyway, tonight we listened to some Nihongo lessons from an audio podcast.  I actually was trying to study Nihongo because I need to learn more but Nikki was so interested so we listened to the lessons together.  So he now knows more Japanese words like doomo, doozo, jaa ne, jaa mata, mata ne, yokoso and mata ashita.   Pretty cool.  Today was a good homeschooling day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the same. 😀

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