Posted by: katlea611 | May 25, 2009

Second Eye Exam

So, we went back to Nikki’s ophthalmologist this morning after 2 days of applying an atropine sulfate solution to his eye (one drop a day) to widen his pupils and deactivate his focusing ability. When we got there, the doctor once more checked his eyes on the slit lamp and then after several minutes of correcting his eyesight on the phoropter, Nikki will definitely be wearing glasses in a few days. His grade on the right eye is 250 with astigmatism of 100 and his left has a grade of 175 with astigmatism of 175. The doctor recommended that Nikki wear his glasses all the time so that his eyesight would not worsen and his astigmatism be corrected. I’m quite sure during the first few days he’ll be complaining about the glasses but hopefully once he gets used to it he’ll be wearing them always. I already told Ruther to start saving for his LASIK when he’s bigger, should he need it. It pays to be prepared, right?


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