Posted by: katlea611 | May 15, 2009

The Notes


Nikki learned about the different kinds of notes from the San Francisco Symphony site (  Not only did it teach him the different notes, it also taught him about rhythm, tempo, melody, musical instruments, classical music and composition. Well, I think it’s a wonderful site because it taught Nikki so much in just a short while and without any help from me I might add!  So yeah, this site is highly recommended. 😀  Check it out!


  1. How funny. I just got a keyboard and I am learning the notes also at my older age.

    Hardly ever used, you also have a 1/32 and a 1/64 th note!

    I have a lot of helpful pictures I got from the Internet with notes and stuff. If you want them just email me.

    Now if I can find the time to practice. Have fun!

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